Detroit's new Hard Rock Cafe filled with Motown flavor.Nov 2003
Collectibles include the original Ted Nugent Byrdland guitar, clothing items, gold
records and
guitars related to Alice Cooper, Nugent, Bob Seger, (Flint's) Grand
Funk Railroad, Kid Rock,
Cub Koda of Brownsville Station, Eminem and
groups associated with Detroit, such as Kiss and the J. Geils Band.
AC/DC 's Brian Johnson's band GEORDIE  played " Lady (put the light on me)
"on their  2001, 5 date UK tour.
THE SMUGGLERS from Vancouver Canada covered
BROWNSVILLE STATION'S "Kings Of The Party," on their " Rosie "CD
released in 2000.
The Theatre Of Pain album was  released in 1985 by Mötley Crüe and includes a
cover of the Detroit band Brownsville Station's song called Smokin'In The Boys
Room that went to # 3 on the charts for  them back in 1973. The band used to play it
just for sound checks and jams, and Vince used to play it in his previous band
Rockandi. Producer Tom Werman loved it and suggested it be recorded. This cover
was chosen ahead of Mississippi Queen by Mountain. It was released three days
later as the album's first single which became the band's first Top 40 single. The
Crüe were joined onstage in New Haven, Connecticut USA, by former Brownsville
Station singer and songwriter Michael 'Cub' Koda for a jam on guitar and vocals to
the tune on the Theatre Of Pain tour.
When Cub died in the early hours on 1/7/00 from
complications from kidney dialysis, his father said
he made more money from Mötley Crüe's  version
of the song than he did off his original.
"Smoking in the Boys Room"
Class Act Records (C-116)
Recorded: mostly Larry's Hideaway, 7/9/83
Quality: varied, mostly excellent except title song.
The band actually planned on putting a Brownsville Station song on the CD instead
but Motley Crue beat  them to the punch. "Originally we were going to do "Smoking In
The Boys  Room" but Motley Crue seemed to borrow that from us right before we were
going to record it. We used to play that in the clubs in LA as our opening song.Motley
beat us to the punch and slipped it onto their record first." Bret Michaels"
White Tornado (Drive-in 7/81)/Moral Kiosk/Laughing/
There She Goes Again/Talk About the Passion/Sitting Still/ Harborcoat/
Smokin' in the Boys Room (Hartford, CT 7/20/84)/ 9-9/West of the Fields/Pretty
Persuasion/Carnival of Sorts/ Radio Dub (Drive-in)
Tom Petty as Luanne's philosophical redneck boyfriend convincing her and
Bobby to camp out for
Brownsville Station tickets (seats in front of the
speakers on the left side of the stage, to be exact) After eating nothing but
bread for five days, Luanne fears she may have contracted "bread poisoning."
Original Air Date: 2 April 2006 (Season 10, Episode 10)
King of the Hill:Hank Fixes Everything
Suzi Quatro's favorite
song of 1973 "Smokin'
in the boys room".
Randy Bchman (B.T.O.)
One of his 100 Favorite  ROCK HITS  
Smokin' in the boys room
Let our pickups prove to you (1981)
What they’ve proven to these top artists
John Abercrombie, Axe, Blackfoot,
Brownsville Station, Ray Buchanan,
38 Special, Pete Carr, Lol Creme,
Foreigner, Steve Hackett, Bugs
Henderson, Steve Hunter, Carol Kaye,
Steve Kahn, Kiss, Al Kooper, Bob Kulick,
Bruce Kulick, Albert Lee, Peter Gabriel,
John Miles, Kimio Mizutani, Ronnie
Montrose, Nazareth, David Nelson, Rick
Nielsen, Ted Nugent, Project Terror, Dick
Wagner, John Waite, Wishbone Ash and
many others.
Released to promote the DiMarzio Guitar Pickups 1981
Features Pictures of Tom Scholtz, Eddie Martinez, Elliot Randall, Michael Hampton,
Bobby Cochron, Rick Derringer, Allan Holdsworth, Earl Slick, Danny Johnson, Jay Davis
Virgin Encyclopedia
of  70s Music
The Midnight
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