I first saw Brownsville Station on the Midnight Special in 1974 and became interested in the band.

My own band at that time played "Barefooting" which could of been a hit on it's own, but it was put on the B-side
of Smokin' in the Boy's Room.
In 1977 when they came out with their new album, we played "Lady (put the light on me)".
At 16, my brother knew all the drum rolls on this song and we would wear the referee shirts at that time too.
I did play "smokin' in the boy's room "for 14 years in the nightclubs of Toronto, Brownsville station's version that
is ....with great pride... always a crowd pleaser...
Thanks to brother Al , Bob Bouillion, Henry "H-Bomb" Weck, Bruce "Beezer" Nazarian, Lady J. Koda &
Ian Rusten for their contribution.to the site
I met Cub Koda in 1986 while he was playing at a nightclub in Toronto called Rock&Roll
Heaven.A few months ago I finally decided it was time these guys had their own site and
be remembered for their contribution to Rock & Roll History.
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