No BS released Jan, 1970
T.J.  sings & Cub Koda is playing drums
Mike Lutz ,  Tony Driggins,   Cub Koda,   T.J. Cronley
Dec  Brownsville Station. opened for  James Gang
REVIEW:The Brownsville Station.Zany. Rock & Roll.1955.-This native Michigan group took the audience on a trip back into time to the good ole days of the
beach boys, the shondells and Shelley fabrae.This type of Rock&Rroll,from the late 1950's is a refreshing break from hard  and acid rock of 1970.At first seeing
them in long johns and googles and a suit that resembles superman's it'shard to believe that they have the nerve to do what they're doing.But once you've
decided and accepted that they're really there, it's fun to listen to them, as the audience , proved.
Thank you Big Al for the new date and the poster.
Thank you Big Al for the ticket stub
the blacked out space covered "Three Dog
Night" .. who was canceled from the show
1970 Brownsville Station Tour Dates
03 Jan
Detroit, Michigan
The Frost, Golden Earring, Brownsville Station
09 Jan
Grande Ballroom
Virgin Dawn, Bedlam Riff, Brownsville Station
11 Jan
Sherwood Forest
Detroit, Michigan
Brownsville Station
25 Jan
Grande Ballroom
Detroit Michigan
SRC, Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station
24 Jan
Eastown Theater
Detroit, Michigan
STP (Serve The People) Coalition production.Mitch Ryder & The Detroit
Wheels, MC-5 , Fru¹t, Rationals , Wilson, Mower Pursuit , Brownsville
Station, Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
20 Feb
Eastown theatre
Detroit Michigan
Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes,The Frost, Brownsville Station
26 Mar
Crosley Field
Cincinnati, Ohio
MC5 , Joe Cocker , Mountain Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station
,Stooges,Frigid Pink , Pleasure, Seekers,Cradle , Savoy Brown,
Whalefeathers , Balderdash East Orange Express, Bitter Blood Street
Theatre, Westfauster , Glass Wall
Cincinnati Pop Festival
25 Mar
GMI's International Room
Flint, Mitchigan
Brownsville Station, the Rationals
30-31 May
The Festival of Man/Earth
Baton Rouge, LA
MC-5, Bob Seger System, Alice Cooper, John
Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Youngbloods, Brownsville Station,
Buckinghams, Ides Of March, Mason
Proffit, It's A Beautiful Day, Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes
30 May
Wampler's Lake Pavillion  
Detroit Michigan
Brownsville Station, The Sunday Funnies, The Tea,The Rationals etc.
1 Jun
Thunderbird Ranch  
Baton Rouge, La
Youngbloods, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Bob
Seger System, MC5 Brownsville Station, Buckinghams, Ides Of March,
Mason Proffit, It's A Beautiful Day & Ted Nugent and The Amboy
"The Festival of Man/Earth"
Festival of Earth and Man
Show took place on a beach, apparently
13 Jun
Crosley Field
Cincinnati, Ohio
The Stooges, Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, Traffic,
Mighty Quick, Bob Seger, Mott The Hoople, Ten Years After, Bloodrock,
Savage Grace, Brownsville Station, Zephyr, Damnation Of  Adam
Blessing, John Drake's Shakedown
"Cincinnati Pop Festival",(Mid Summer Rock)
24 Jun
Sherwood Forest
Davison, MI
Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, MC-5 , Rationals, Brownsville Station, Alice
Cooper, Frijid Pink, Teegarden & Van Winkle
Wild Wednesday - 12 groups in 12 hours
25 Jun
The International Room
Detroit, MI
The Rationals, Brownsville Station
26 Jun
State Fairgrounds Grandstand
Detroit, MI
MC5, Tackle Box, Brownsville Station
Mid-Summer Night Rock Festival
28 Jun
Aquinas High School
Detroit, MI
The Frost, Savage Grace, Brownsville Station,The Rationals, The Free,
The Rumor, The Sunday Funnies, The Magic Veil Light Show
Mid-Summer Night Rock Festival
26-27 Jun
Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, Il
Ten Years After  B.B. King, Brownsville Station ,Mott The Hoople
Jun or Jul
Crosley Field
Cincinnati, OH
Mountain, Brownsville Station Mott The Hoople
15 Jul
Mt. Holly
Holly, MI
Brownsville Station,The Maxx
25 Jul
GMI's International Room
Flint, MI
Alice Cooper, The Rationals, Brownsville Station
10 Jul
Birmingham AL
Bo Diddley, Brownsville Station, Ormandy
7-9 Aug
Goose Lake Park
Jackson MI
Friday Afternoon: John Drake's Shakedown, Mighty Quick, SRC, The New
York Rock & Roll Ensemble John Sebastian, Chicago, Rod Stewart &The
Small Faces, Ten Years After ~ Saturday: The New World Symphony,
Brownsville Station,The Litter, Teegarden & Van Winle, The Flying
Burrito Brothers,The Stooges, The Third Power, Mountain
Goose Lake Pop Festival
Sunday: Suite Charity, Alice Cooper, Detroit (Mitch Ryder),Bob Seger ,
The Frost, The Flock, Savage Grace,The James Gang, Jethro Tull
8 Aug
Goose Lake Park
Farmington, MI
The New World Symphony, Brownsville Station, The Litter, Teegarden &
Van Winkle, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Stooges, The Third Power,
Goose Lake Pop Festival
10 Aug
Terrace Ballroom
Salt Lake City, UT
Amboy Dukes and Brownsville
22 Aug
Ottawa Park
Toledo, OH
local band ,Brownsville Station
Daniel's The Den
Brownsville Station, The Sunday
Funnies, The Tea
30 Aug
West Virginia
Manitoba Hugger, Fuse (Cheap Trick), The Tayles, Amboy Dukes (Ted
Nugent), SRC, Bob Seger, MC-5, Siegel-Schwall, Stooges (Iggy Pop),
3rd Power, Brownsville Station, Alice Cooper, Tongue & Django.
Festival in West Virginia-cancelled
16 Oct
Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH
Brownsville Station, The Parliaments, the Funkadelics
12 Sep
Mammoth Gardens
Denver, CO
Johnny Winter & Brownsville Station
19 Sep
Birmingham, MI
Flock Brownsville Station
20 Sep
Windsor Arena
Windsor, Canada
The Amboy Dukes, The Stooges, SRC, Brownsville Station, Blues Train
22 Sep
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH
John Sebastian  Brownsville Station and Jim Stein
1 Nov
Ole Zim's Wagon Shed  
Fremont, OH
Brownsville Station
13 Nov
War Memorial Auditorium
Syracuse, NY
Badfinger, The Rascals, The Buoys, Brownsville Station
31 Oct
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI
Brownsville Station, SRC, Jam Band, Mutzie, Insanity's Horse
(Alice Cooper was a no show!)
25 Nov
Dave Finkelman Auditorium
Butler County,OH
Brownsville Station
21 Nov
Dane County Arena
Madison, WI
Brownsville Station, Crow and The Siegel, Schwall Blues Band
25 Nov
Dave Finkelman Auditorium
Butler County,OH
Brownsville Station
?? Dec
East Detroit High
Eastpointe , MI
MC-5 , Brownsville Station , Mutzie
Nov 25th, 1970, Dave Finkelman Auditorium, Butler County, Ohio
25 Dec
Sherwood Forest
Detroit MI
Brownsville Station, Agustrain
29 Dec
Saginaw Auditorium
Saginaw, MI
Grand Funk Railroad, Brownsville Station, Frijid Pink, Blues Train & more
26 Dec
Detroit MI
Brownsville StationThe Third Power, Cradle
Saginaw Pop Festival III
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Brownsville Station 1970 Tour Dates