Smokin' in the Boys Room
(Cub Koda-Michael Lutz )
The next single, "Smokin' in the boy's Room," was the one that put us on the map. It started out as an album cut, getting major FM
radio play up in Portland, Maine. Doug pressed a couple of thousand singles to capitalize on it, and within a week they were all
sold out. It eventually sold 2.5 million 45s, got us on every rock TV show  that was happening back then, and generally turned our
world upside down. After storming the gates for five years, someone finally let us in."Cub Koda"
Cub Koda vocal/guitar, Michael Lutz bass/vocals, Henry "H-Bomb" Weck drums
Billboard Top 40
Hits (1974)  #3
Smokin' in the Boys Room
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