Brownsville Station 1974 Tour Dates
Mel Brooks, Peter  Boyle & Brownsville Station on the set of  Young Frankenstein
Brownsville Station made 4 appearances on "The Midnight Special" in 1974 as well as other shows
including :"
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" and "In Concert" produced by Dick Clark.
Smokin' in the Boys
room Peaked at # 3
Smokin' in the Boys
room Peaked
at #2 January 26
U.K. magazine adv
(thank you Jim)
Montrose did their imitation Zepplin/Beck set (they're actually pretty good even though they were bragging it up in the dressing room after the set about how
they thought they had burned out the crowd and burned us in the process).We went on after hearing that, did three encores, a strong call for a third, and got
laid.So much for show biz  "Cub Koda"
School Punks
Released june 1974
Media Sound in NYC May 28, 1974
Cub Koda ,Henry Weck ,Michael Lutz
11 Jan
Philadelphia, PA
Slade, Brownsville Station, and Jo Jo Gunne
13 Jan
Civic Center
Charleston, WV
Johnny Winter, Brownsville Station and J Geils Band
16 Feb
Academy of Music
New York,NY
John Mayall, Brownsville Station
2 Mar
Hollywood Sportatorium
South Florida FL
Johnny Winter Brownsville Station & Thunderhead
18 Jan
Allen Theatre
Slade, Brownsville Station
25-26 Jan
San Francisco, CA
Slade,James Gang,Brownsville Station
27 Jan
Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles,CA
Slade,James Gang,Brownsville Station & Lynyrd Skynyrd
30 Jan
Duluth Arena
Duluth, Mn
Slade,Brownsville Station and Stories
31 Jan
St.Paul Civic Centre
St. Paul,MN
Slade, Brownsville Station and Stories
6 Feb
Packard Music Hall
Warren, HO
Brownsville Station, Reaga
15  Feb
Memorial Hall
Kansas City, KS
Brownsville Station with Stonewall & Dynaflo
22 Mar
Swing Auditorium
San Bernardino, CA
Johnny Winter, Brownsville Station
23 Mar
San Francisco, CA
Johnny Winter, Brownsville Station & Creation
25 Mar
Salt Palace Conv. Center
Salt Lake City, UT
Johnny Winter, Brownsville Station
26 Mar
Denver, CO
Johnny Winter, Brownsville Station
31 Mar
Selland Arena
Fresno, CA
Johnny Winter, Brownsville Station, Black Oak Arkansas
8 Apr
Cobo Hall
Detroit MI
Johnny Winter, Brownsville Station
10 Apr
Municipal Stadium
Brownsville Station
13 Apr
Central park Band Shell
New York, NY
Brownsville Station Elephants Memory Band
28 Apr
BeeGees, Brownsville Station
21 May
Civic Center
Charleston, WV
Brownsville Station,Ten Years After
31 May
Grad Night Party
Kings Island, OH
Brownsville Station, Redbone
3 Jun
Syria Mosque
Slade, Brownsville Station
1 Jun
L.C.Walker Arena
Muskegon, MI
Spencer Davis Group never showed up.
Brownsville Station, Bob Seger opened the show.
5 Jun
Municipal Auditorium
Slade, 10CC, Brownsville Station
SMU Moody Coliseum
Dallas, TX
Brownsville Station,Trapeze
28 Jun
Charlotte Park C.Auditorium
Charlotte NC
Blue Oster Cult, Brownsville Station, Nazareth; KISS
cancelled - running order unknown
29 Jun
Civic Center Auditorium
Asheville NC
Blue Oster Cult, Brownsville Station,Nazareth; KISS cancelled -  
(A gig which was supposed to have featured KISS, but because of Paul Stanley's minor throat
surgery, KISS had to back out.)
6 Jul
First Annual Freedom Jam
Aerowsmith, Sha Na Na, Brownsville Station, Elephant's Memory, Refugee, Wendy
12 Jul
Allen Theatre
Cleveland, OH
Golden Earring, Brownsville station
10 Aug
Portland Coliseum
Portland, OR
ZZ Top, Brownsville Station, DR. John the Night Tripper
19 Aug
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, WA
ZZ Top, Brownsville Station, DR. John the Night Tripper
13 Sep
Philadelphia, PA
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brownsville Station Mountain
21 Nov
Civic Auditorium
Albuquerque, NM
Brownsville Station
24 Aug
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, CA
ZZ TOP,Elvin Bishop, Brownsville Station
31 Aug
Hawaii Summer Jam
Unknown, HI
War, Billy Preston, Brownsville Station, Black Oak Arkansas
25 Aug
B. Community Theatre
Berkeley, CA
Black Oak Arkansas, Brownsville, The Stampeders
22 Nov
El Paso, TX
Brownsville Station, J Geils and Stray Do
Dec 12
Providence Civic Center
Providence, RI
Bachman Turner Overdrive, Brownsville Station,Bob Seger
Dec 13
Providence, RI
Brownsville Station, Mountain, Montrose
14 Dec
College date
Chicago, IL
Brownsville Station
29 Dec
Performing Arts Center
Milwaukee, WI
Brownsville Station, REO Speedwagon
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Brownsville Station 1974 Tour Dates
30 Dec
Palmer Auditorium
Davenport, IA  
Wishbone Ash, Brownsville Station