motor city connection - track listing  
     2                        One That Got Away                                       (5:32)
     4                        Crazy Legs                                                     (3:22)
     6                        Combination Boogie                                    (2:28)
     8                         You Know Better                                           (3:24)
                 They Call Me Rock 'n' Roll, Pt. 1/God Bless           (9:25)
motor city connection - album credits
Cub Koda  Guitar, Harmonica, Lap Steel Guitar, Vocals
Michael Lutz  Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Henry "H-Bomb" Weck  Percussion, Drums, Producer
Bruce Nazarian  Guitar
Paula Scher  Art Direction
Doug Morris  Producer
Stephen Nalli  Assistant Engineer
John Abbott  String Arrangements
Albhy Galuten  Synthesizer
Stephen Hart  Assistant Engineer
Steve Klein  Engineer, Mixing, Remixing
Al Nalli  Producer
Alex Sadkin  Mastering
Michael Doret  Cover Illustration
      track#                song name                                                   track time  
     1                        Automatic Heartbreak                                  (2:56)
     5                        Give It to Get It                                                (3:24)
     7                        Load of Love                                                  (4:35)
     3                        Self Abuse                                                      (2:53)
     9                         They Call Me Rock 'n' Roll:
Motor City Connection
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