air special (bonus track) - track listing  
     7                        Never Say Die                                                   (3:57)
     9                        Love Stealer                                                      (3:32)
   11                        Down the Road Apiece                                   (2:33)
air special - album credits
Cub Koda  Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Michael Lutz  Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Henry "H-Bomb" Weck  Drums
Bruce Nazarian  Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Al Nalli  Management
Tom Werman  Producer
Mike Beriger  Remix Assistant
Janet Perr  Design
Jim Houghton  Photography
John Paul Endress  Photography
Jimmy "Rock-Roll" Sandweiss  Assistant Engineer
Jim Charne  Design
Mark Eshelman  Assistant Engineer
Gary Ladinsky  Engineer
Never Say Die
(UK version: Epic 83161, 1978)
 track#               song name                                                    track time  
     1                        Taste of Your Love                                           (2:56)
     2                        Waitin' for the Weekend                                  (2:56)
     3                        Who Do You Love                                             (2:58)
        4                        Tears of a Fool                                                 (2:58)  
     5                        Cooda Crawlin'                                                 (4:05)
        6                        Air Mail Special                                                 (0:25)  
        8                        Fever                                                                   (4:15)   
      10                        Let It Roll                                                            (3:16)  
      12                        Love Stealer (Single Version)(*)                   (3:07)  
Air Special
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