I had been a session musician in Detroit for years, but also had a thing for rock and roll -
somewhere along the way I met Al Nalli, the band's manager, and the rest was history... I
joined the band in 1975 - just as they were finishing the Motor City Connection album - that
was the first one I played on...
After the band split-up in 1979 I went back to playing sessions for a while, and started a new
band call The Automatix, with some session buddies of mine, and Shaun Murphy, a killer
singer from Detroit who was our secret weapon. Shaun left just before the band got signed
to MCA. in 1980-ish.      "Bruce Nazarian"
Bruce Nazarian, MPSE is a Member of the Apple Consultants Network, an award-winning DVD Producer and Author,
and a Member of the DVD Association's Advisory Board. He specializes in digital media production and consulting
for video, audio, DVD and the Web. He is President of Gnome Digital Media, his DVD and media production
company in Los Angeles, and Webmaster of his DVD info site, Recipe4DVD.com.
Bruce has toured the world as demonstrator and Instructor for DVD Studio Pro from Apple Computer, Inc. He is also
a factory-certified trainer for Sonic Solutions DVD Authoring systems. An active DVD evangelist, he has taught DVD
authoring classes all around the world. Bruce is the author of The DVD Companion, creator of DVD Companion
Pro-Pack, products, DVD Studio Pro 2 authoring for McGraw Hill & DVD Studio Pro 4..
H-Bomb & Beezer - San Francisco 2005
Bruce "Beezer" Nazarian
Bruce can be found as an Engineer,  bass player, guitar player or Synthesizer player on some of these albums.
the list is incomplete at this time.
Michael Henderson:
Solid (1976)
Brides Of Funkenstein:
Never Buy Texas From
A Cowboy (1979)
Was (not was):
Was (not was)1981
Sweet Pea Atkinson:  
Don't walk away  1982
Was (not was):
Born to Laugh at
Tornadoes 1983
The Automatix:
Night Rider 1983
Was (not was):
Cristina-sleep it off
Duffy King:
Solo Guitar
Christmas 2003
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