Cub "Michael " Koda, Singer,songwriter guitarist and frontman for Brownsville Station.
For more details on Cub's acheivements go to
"Blues For Dummies," named "best blues reference guide" by Real Blues magazine
As a writer of liner notes for more than 60
CDs (including titles released by Rhino
and Time-Life etc...)
64-The Champs The Best Of The Champs (Varese Sarabande) [liner notes] rel. 6/2000
63-Marshall Crenshaw This Is Easy-The Very Best Of Marshall Crenshaw (Rhino) [liner notes] rel. ?/2000
62-Freddy CannonThe Very Best Of Freddy Cannon-The Swan Years(Varese Sarabande) [liner notes] rel. 4/2000
61-The YardbirdsHere 'Tis!-The Anthology (Rhino) [liner notes and sequencing] rel. 4/2000
60-Jimmy ReedThe Very Best Of Jimmy Reed(Rhino) [liner notes and sequencing] rel. 4/2000
59-James CottonFire Down Under The Hil(Telarc 83497) [liner notes] rel. 2000
58-Joey Dee & The StarlightersStarbright(Westside 2191) [liner notes]
57-Sam Lay Blues BandRush Hour Blues(Telarc 83482) [liner notes]
56-Various ArtistsSuperharps(Telarc 83472) [liner notes]
55-Various ArtistsDiscoveries Magazine Presents...Stereo Oldies(Varese Sarabande 6008) [liner notes]
54-Various ArtistsDiscoveries Magazine Presents...Stereo Instrumental Oldies Varese Sarabande 6009) [liner notes]
53-Various ArtistsThis Is SUN Rockabilly(Music Club 50099) [compilation and liner notes]
52-Various ArtistsSongs Of Willie Dixon(Telarc) [liner notes]
51-Slim HarpoSings Raining In My Heart(Hip-O 40135) [compilation and liner notes]
50-Lightnin' SlimRooster Blues(Hip-O 40134) [compilation and liner notes]
49-Various ArtistsRockabilly Essentials(Hip-O 40128 ) [liner notes]
48-The StandellsThe Very Best Of The Standells(Hip-O 40109) [liner notes]
47-Various ArtistsBlues Masters, Volume 16: More Harmonica Classics(Rhino 75346) [compilation and liner notes]
46-Various ArtistsBlues Masters, Volume 18: More Slide Guitar Classics(Rhino 75348) [compilation and liner notes]
45-The KingsmenThe Very Best of the Kingsmen(Varese Sarabande 5905 ) [liner notes]
44-The Del-Tino's and The HesitationsThe Del-Tino's Meet The Hesitations-Go!Go! Go! To Surfin' School [comp& liner notes]
43-The TrashmenBird Call!-The Twin City Stomp of the Trashmen(Sundazed 11022) [introduction liner notes]
42-The ChampsTequila!-The Best Of The Champs(Music Club 50018) [compilation and liner notes]
41-Gary PrimichCompany Man(Black Top 1136) [liner notes]
40-Various ArtistsDefrost Your Heart-Sun Country, Volume 1(AVI 5008) [compilation and liner notes]
39-Various ArtistsDrink Up and Go Home!-Sun Country, Volume 2(AVI 5020) [compilation and liner notes]
38-The Miller SistersSun's Singing Sweethearts-Sun Country, Volume 3(AVI 5022) [compilation and liner notes]
37-Slim HarpoThe Scratch-Rare and Unissued(AVI-Excello 3015)  [compilation and liner notes]
36-Jerry McCainThat's What They Want-The Best Of Jerry McCain(AVI-Excello 3009)  [compilation and liner notes]
35-Various ArtistsBlues Hangover(AVI-Excello 2002)  [compilation and liner notes]
34-Various ArtistsExcello Vocal Groups (AVI-Excello 3013) [liner notes]
33-Arthur GunterLet's Play House-The Best Of Arthur Gunter(AVI-Excello 3011)  [compilation]
32-Lonesome SundownI'm A Mojo Man-The Best Of The Excello Singles(AVI-Excello 3004)  [compilation and liner notes]
31-Billy RileyRed Hot!-The Best Of Billy Riley(AVI 5007)  [compilation and liner notes]
30-Sonny BurgessHittin' That Jug!-The Best Of Sonny Burgess(AVI 5006)  [compilation and liner notes]
29-Warren SmithUranium Rock-The Best Of Warren Smith(AVI 5005)  [compilation and liner notes]
28-Various ArtistsLet's Bop-Sun Rockabilly, Volume 1(AVI 5003)  [compilation and liner notes]
27-Various ArtistsRock Baby Rock It!-Sun Rockabilly, Volume 2(AVI 5004)  [compilation and liner notes]
26-Various ArtistsRock Boppin' Baby-Sun Rockabilly, Volume 3(AVI 5019) [compilation and liner notes]
25-Silas HoganTrouble-The Best Of The Excello Masters(AVI-Excello 3005)  [compilation and liner notes]
24-Slim HarpoHip Shakin'-The Excello Collection(AVI-Excello 2001) [liner notes]
23-Slim HarpoSings Raining In My Heart(El Diablo 8037) [liner notes]
22-Lightnin' SlimI'm Evil-Rare and Unissued Excello Masters, Volume 1(AVI-Excello 3002)  [compilation and liner notes]
21-Lightnin' SlimRooster Blues(El Diablo 8038) [liner notes]
20-Kid ThomasWail Baby Wail!(El Diablo 1001) [liner notes]
19-Link WrayRumble!-The Best Of Link Wray(Rhino 71222)  [compilation and liner notes]
18-Amos MilburnThe Motown Sessions 1962-1964 (Motown 31453-0611) [liner notes]
17-Freddy CannonThe Best Of Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon(Rhino 72210) [liner notes]
16-Dale HawkinsOh Susie Q-The Best Of Dale Hawkins(MCA-Chess 9356) [compilation and liner notes]
15-Little Charlie And The NightcatsStraight Up!(Alligator 4829) [liner notes]
14-Jewel Akensthe Birds And The Bees-The Best Of Jewel Akens(Era 5020) [liner notes]
13-Dorsey BurnetteTall Oak Tree-The Best Of Dorsey Burnette(Era 5021) [liner notes]
12-Ike TurnerI Like Ike!-The Best Of Ike Turner(Rhino 71819) [introduction liner notes]
11-Various ArtistsRock Instrumental Classics, Volume 1: The 50s(Rhino 71601) [liner notes]
10-Spike JonesMusical Depreciation Revue(Rhino 71574) [compilation and liner notes]
9-Brownsville StationSmokin' In The Boy's Room-The Best Of Brownsville Station(Rhino 71456) [compilation and liner notes]
8-Various ArtistsGuitar Rock, 1976-1977(Time-Life Music 2697-R968-03) [liner notes]
7-Wilbert HarrisonKansas City(Relic 7035) [liner notes]
6-Various ArtistsBlues Masters, Volume 15: Slide Guitar Classics(Rhino 71126) [compilation and liner notes]
5-Various ArtistsBlues Masters, Volume 6: Blues Originals(Rhino 71127) [compilation and liner notes]
4-Various ArtistsBlues Masters, Volume 4: Harmonica Classics(Rhino 71124) [compilation and liner notes]
3-Various ArtistsRebel Rousers: Southern Rock Classics (Rhino 70586) [liner notes]
2-Various ArtistsRock This Town: Rockabilly Hits, Volume 2(Rhino 70742) [liner notes]
1-Various ArtistsGuitar Player Presents Legends Of Guitar-The '70s, Volume 1(Rhino 70721) [liner notes]
Wayne County Ramblin'
WAYNE COUNTY RAMBLIN' - 2002 - A feature film
directed by Dan Rose (USA)
'Fish Fly' a thief (played by the late Cub Koda)
The movie premiere in New Orleans on Saturday,
July 16th 2005! was a great success!!
Cub's song “Love is a Damn Good Feeling”
was used on the film
Cub Koda & The Points 1980
CD releases
Albums releases
After the Brownsville experience Cub kept busy in the
music industry, releasing many albums Starting with
Cub Koda &The points In 1980.
Michael "Cub" Koda
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