Mike Lutz, Bruce Nazarian, Cub Koda, Henry Weck
1978 during the recording of Air Special
Cub Koda, Henry Weck, Bruce Nazarian & Michael Lutz
Levitating Gary (Gary Ladinsky the chief
engineer) Air Special
Producer Tom Werman, Asst. Engineer Mark
Eshelman & Gary
Jan 29th Greenwood Civic Centre Greenwood,South Carolina SC:
Martian Boogie had just been released.They sounded great and wore "moon
boots" for the occasion.
As I recall, we picked up the gig due to a cancellation or other problem with
Holy Smoke and/or High Cotton. I don't remember  why. Neither of  those
bands performed the date. Only Brownsville Station and Pendulum.
I had a blast.(Thank you Steve (Pendulum) for the poster scan and the story.)
1978 from May to June  4 or 5 shows in Texas
(Venues unknown) Brownsville Station, Blackfoot (opened all shows)
Feb 18, 1978 Louisville Gardens
Louisville, KY
J.Geils Band & Brownsville Station
I broke an average of 30 3-S
sticks a show.  Sometimes
unbroken, as well as broken were
given to the crowd. H
We bought my sticks by the gross from some small company, and had them shipped in boxes to me on the road.  I also broke at least one cymbal a week.  I
must have broken over a hundred crashes during Brownsville days.  I had to use heavy crashes, because thins would not make it through a show.  I also had
cast iron rims on my snare drum because I would bend the standard flanged rims down, flush with the shell every few shows.  I also worked with Ludwig to
develop the heavier duty Atlas stands, so they would hold up.  H
Brownsville Station 1978 Tour Dates
the Byrnegate Club  
Toledo, OH
Brownsville Station, Silverlode
?? Feb
Athens Theater
Athens, GA
Brownsville Station, Pendulum,Holy Smoke, High Cotton
Toledo Sports Arena
Toledo, OH
Brownsville Station, UFO
29 Jan
Greenwood Civic Centre
Greenwood, SC
Brownsville Station, Pendulum. (Holy Smoke, High Cotton did not performe)
18 Feb
Louisville Gardens
Louisville, KY
J.Geils Band & Brownsville Station
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Brownsville Station 1978 Tour Dates