Michael Lutz vocals/bass/guitar , Bruce "Beezer" Nazarian vocal/guitar/bass, Cub Koda vocal/guitar,  Henry "H-Bomb" Weck drums
The Martian Boogie
(Lutz -Weck-Koda-Nazarian)
"The Martian Boogie" was a
seven-minutes-barn-burning set-closer recorded  live in one take, spaceship noises and all. The tune
started out as a pastiche of various John Lee Hooker-Junior Parker boogie riffs, then was promptly
corrupted into a whole different ball of wax when the band was stuck in a hotel room in Canada watching a lousy sci-fi movie
called Not Of This Earth. By the time we recorded the version, It was  road-tested classic that we were shure was going to be
our next hit, even bigger than ?Smokin?,? It almost was, it should have been, and when it didn?t happen, it took all the fight
out of the band, just like air escaping from a punctured tire.
"Cub Koda"
The Martian Boogie
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