Ted Nugent 1995
"Spirit of the Wild"
Ted Nugent  2002
Longtime friend and fellow rocker Ted Nugent once described Michael Lutz as a master of catching the moment on tape.
Ted Nugent & Michael Lutz "Shoreline amphitheartre"Michigan 1995
Ted Nugent & Michael Lutz  2000
Michael was the first "Rocker" to qualify and run
in the Boston Marathon, starting in 1977.
Radiocraft "in Stereo"
2002 Michael lutz Producer
Radiocraft 2004
Michael Lutz: Born June 15, 1949 in Ann Arbor, MI. Founding member of
Brownsville Station and co-writer of the #3 hit song "Smokin' in the boys room".
After Brownsville, Michael made a name for himself as a producer/musician for
many acts including : F-stop, South Normal, Radiocraft and Ted Nugent.
Ted Nugent & Michael Lutz  2000
Michael Lutz
The Fags 2006
Michael Lutz Producer
F-Stop 2003
"All in Love is Fair"
1995 -Ted Nugent "Spirit of the Wild"  Michael plays bass, keys & vocals and is also the producer of this album. He played bass  with
       Ted's band on this Tour.

2002 - Ted Nugent "Cravman" Goin' Down Hard (Nugent/Reed/Lutz)

2002 - Radiocraft "in Stereo" Michael lutz Producer

2003 - F-Stop"All in Love is Fair" Michael lutz Producer All songs written by F/stop & Michael Lutz except My Mary, written by F/stop,
        Michael Lutz and T. Hulyk.

2004 - Radiocraft  "Red" Michael Lutz Producer

2004 - Steve Broderick "Steve Broderick" Michael Lutz Producer

2006 - The Fags Michael Lutz Producer
Steve Broderick 2004
" Steve Broderick"
Michael Lutz and Ted Nugent
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