Wanted (Dead or Alive)


Tony Driggins
Henry Weck
Cub Koda
Michael Lutz
(Cub Koda-Michael Lutz)
Wanted (Dead Or Alive)  came from our second album, A Night On The Town, the only one ever released that our brand-new record
company (Big Tree)  attached a "not suitable for airplay" sticker  to, citing this cut as being chock-full of the kind of lyrical nastiness
that might get FCC licenses yanked. When we explained that the tune wasn't about drug use, they seem temporarily
satisfied, until we told them that it was actually about  one of the band members catching a
dose of the clap on the road. The stickers remained glued to the album covers. "Cub Koda"
Wanted (Dead or Alive)
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